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During 35 years as a LEO, I had a legal defense plan that protected me from any on-duty action I might take.  Being retired, I now turn to Second Call Defense for my legal protection.

Second Call Defense offers immediate, comprehensive, nationwide, 24-hour support for gun owners who are forced to defend themselves or their family with a firearm.  Just a few of the benefits they offer are - Up-front money for bond and attorney retainer, membership newsletters, online classes, for travelers - good in all 50 states and U.S. Territories, No concealed carry license needed to join and month-to-month membership.



Click this link to join or renew today.  Members receive an Accidental Death & Disbursement policy at no cost.  LEOs killed in the line of duty receive $25,000 coverage.  $2,500 ArmsCare coverage insuring your firearms from theft, accidental loss or damage.  Special members-only discount and services.  Become a member of an Organization that fight and stands guard over your 2nd Amendment right.



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