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Steve - February 2014


I want to thank you for the opportunity to run through the simulator.  While live fire training and classroom time are incredibly important to firearms training, the simulator allows the non-law enforcement private citizen an incredible opportunity to put into practice the lessons hopefully learned in real world situations.


The scenarios offered accurately reflect the types of situations the armed individual could realistically encounter.  It's one thing to practice reacting to a stationary target on a range, yet another thing entirely when you are presented with a training situation with another person where you are giving verbal commands, moving, thinking about cover, what is that person doing, thinking about whether they are truly a threat or merely someone asking for directions.


The simulator and the scenarios force the student to think and evaluate in a way that a traditional range training environment doesn't.  The simulator is an outstanding compliment for the student to take the lessons learned in the classroom/on the range and move to a higher level.  The "after action" discussion also forces the student to be able to communicate why the decisions were made and why the actions were taken.


I've had the advantage over the years of attending some outstanding and expensive firearms training courses and as a great as they were on working on drawing, reloading, shooting they all lack the interactive aspect of the simulator.  It's a wonderful companion to a traditional training regiment and I can't recommend it highly enough.


- Steve

Mike D. - January 2014


The training you gave me with your firearms simulator is priceless.   It gave me real- life experience that I could not have even imagined. As you know, I am a civilian with a CCW who has carried a firearm for many years.  However, the realization of the awful consequences that will result from even a justified shoot, made me jump quickly at the opportunity to improve my judgment and confidence with regard to use of my weapon.  I was not disappointed; in fact, I was shocked by the reality of the kinds of dangerous situations I might find myself in.


 Your simulator provided the surprises and unusual circumstances that anyone could easily face in the real world.  But, the possession of my firearm in those circumstances required me to react immediately, determine whether to fire my weapon, fire it accurately if necessary, and follow-up in case the threat is not over.  I must emphasize, however, that the re-enactment of the scenarios with you was the most important part of the training.  Your advice/suggestions/cautions/demonstrations that you gave me, based on your many years as a

street cop was invaluable education.  It gave me much more awareness and understanding than I have ever had about how to assess a situation and how to (hopefully) properly react to it.


 I am firmly convinced that the training you provide is extremely important to anyone who aspires to carry a firearm, or anyone who already does carry a firearm.  This training is much more effective than firing at targets on the range, because targets don’t move, threaten you, deceive you, or kill you - - as the subjects in your scenarios may well do.


 When someone uses his firearm in self-defense, it could ruin his/her life - - whether that person is justified.  The trial(s) resulting from a question about whether the use of that firearm was justified and whether its use was a civil mistake may, by themselves ruin that person’s life, but heaven forbid that the shooting was determined to be criminal!  (Think Zimmerman!)


 Your training is the absolute BEST way for anyone, such as myself, to prepare for the terrible possibility that I may actually have to use my weapon.  And, it may well keep me from using it inappropriately.   I will train with you on a regular basis so that I can be most prepared to best protect myself, my family, and others who may be affected if I have to use my weapon.


 Firing at the range is good; submitting myself to the scenarios you present to me when I train with you is SO much better.  I need – indeed everyone who carries a firearm NEEDS – your training.  It is imperative, in my opinion.


 Thank you for providing a firearms simulator and for sharing the awesome training and experience you received during your many years on the street.  It is a most necessary and effective tool that will help keep me out of trouble (and may keep me alive!)


- Mike D.

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